Quality Assurance

Evaluation reports are subject to quality assessment by the UNFPA Evaluation Office. The introduction, as of May 2011, of the Evaluation Quality Assessment grid (EQA) was driven by the willingness to come on par with similar best practices enforced by UN organizations and other international organizations and bilateral donors. The main purpose of the EQA is to ensure that evaluation reports comply with professional standards while meeting the information needs of their intended users.

The EQA process uses eight specific assessment criteria to measure the quality of evaluation reports:
i) Structure and Clarity of Reporting; ii) Executive Summary; iii) Design and Methodology; iv) Reliability of Data; v) Findings and Analysis; vi) Conclusions; vii) Recommendations; and viii) Meeting Needs. Each CPE report is assessed against all eight criteria, and the results are collated to provide an overall assessment of the report on a four-level rating scale: unsatisfactory, poor, good or very good.

The Evaluation Quality Assessments (EQAs) reviews are posted alongside the corresponding evaluation report on the Evaluation Database.

Evaluation Quality Assessment templates

A template Evaluation Quality Assessment grid and explanatory notes are also available for reference. Note that the EQA grid must be attached to all terms of reference of evaluations commissioned by UNFPA administrative units.


Report on Quality Assessment of UNFPA Decentralised Country Programme Evaluations (2012)

This report present the results of the evaluation quality assessment (EQA) completed by the Evaluation Office in 2012 and covering evaluations conducted in 2010 and 2011. Part 1 presents the results of the 2012 EQA performed by the Evaluation Office; part 2 presents the results of a survey of all country offices that conducted a CPE in 2010 and 2011. The online "CPE survey" included questions on: the planning and management of CPEs as well as the resources committed to CPEs by country offices. Part 3 of the report consits of a set of overall conclusions and recommendations derived from both exercises.

2009 Evaluation Quality Assessment