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This section provides census information on countries and territories. By using the drop-down list, and selecting a specific country, you will have access to several pieces of information and census documents that can be downloaded, for each specific country and territory.

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This section provides census materials by type of resources. By using the drop-down list, and selecting a specific resource (guides, manual, project documents, etc.), you will have access to census technical documents that can be downloaded.


About this portal

This portal offers both country-specific information (such as enumeration dates, questionnaires and relevant legal documents) as well as more generic materials to assist countries carry out successful census projects, from preparation and resource mobilization through data collection, analysis and dissemination. The information was provided by UNFPA Country Offices, the United Nations Statistical Division, and the National Statistical Offices. For further details or census experiences, please contact

What is a census?

The traditional population and housing census is among the most complex and massive peacetime exercises a nation undertakes. It requires mapping the entire country, figuring out what technologies should be employed, mobilizing and training legions of enumerators, conducting a major public campaign, canvassing all households, collecting individual information, compiling hundreds of thousands or millions of completed questionnaires, monitoring procedures and results, and analyzing and disseminating the data.

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