UNFPA is the lead agency within the UN system for the procurement of reproductive health commodities. We actively seek to establish new relationships with suppliers of these commodities. Vendors wishing to do business with UNFPA should register with UNFPA through the UN Global Marketplace.


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UNFPA Procurement - Supplies for Reproductive Health Results

For more than 30 years, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, has been procuring contraceptives and related commodities for the developing world. Through its extensive experience and solid track record, UNFPA is today the largest public sector procurer of these items. Our unique expertise in this area and the significant volume of contraceptives procured annually allows for access to the most favourable international pricing. As the leading procurement agency for contraceptives and related commodities, UNFPA invites partners in development to benefit from our unique knowledge base and market influence.

23 JANUARY 2014

An updated list of prequalified male latex condom manufacturers was posted on January 23, 2014. Please contact for inquiries regarding the list.

10 JANUARY 2014

Upcoming TCu380A/UCu375 Intrauterine Device (IUD) Specification Workshop, February 17-21, 2014 in New Delhi, India.
UNFPA in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) will be holding a workshop February 17-21, 2014 in New Delhi, India. The primary purpose of the workshop is to review and discuss the draft WHO/UNFPA specification for the UCu375 IUD and proposed amendments to the 2010 WHO/UNFPA TCu380A IUD specification. The organizations are specifically inviting NGOs and clinical service providers that are involved in the programming and procurements of IUDs and intrauterine systems to share experiences and discuss product needs on the first day of the workshop. Read more about the workshop in the concept note. If you would like to attend, please contact

16 DECEMBER 2013

 UNFPA PSB  has recently launched its Green Procurement Strategy. This ambitious document establishes specific environment goals and outlines the environmental focus areas for UNFPA. This strategy will guide the set-up of processes and requirements which suppliers will be expected to demonstrate compliance with. The Green Procurement Strategy is just the beginning of a project that aims to improve both UNFPA and its suppliers environmental footprint. 

04 OCTOBER 2013

As part of UNFPA’s global efforts to strengthen Census support, PSB has consolidated into one document the list of common items typically procured during the various census phases. Items that are covered by valid Long Term Agreements (LTAs) have been marked accordingly. More LTAs are under development and in the longer run it is expected that all goods and services will be covered by LTAs. This document aimed to assist the government, country offices, and other stakeholders during census procurement planning stage. It is desirable to procure for items under LTA, as it has undergone technical evaluation, and competitive bidding process to ensure the best value of money.

UNFPA has established an Inter-Division Working Group for Census Support , consisting of representatives from Population & Development Branch, PSB, MIS, Resource Mobilization Branch, Regional Offices, as well as the UN Statistic Division. The aim of that group is to provide integrated solutions and packages to census projects through the combined technical, procurement and programmatic skills and expertise that this group offers.

For further assistance, email us at: or call us at +45 45 33 72 69. 

07 AUGUST 2013

An updated list of prequalified male latex condom manufacturers was posted on August 7, 2013. Please contact inquiries regarding the list.

06 AUGUST 2013

UNFPA, in partnership with WHO, has recently started the process of developing a Cu375 specification for publication. Stakeholders interested in contributing to this process should access the IUD and Condom Prequalification Knowledge Gateway. For further information, please contact

23 JULY 2013

A Joint WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA Meeting addressed to manufacturers of essential medicines and diagnostics will be hosted in the UN City in Copenhagen from 23 to 25 of September. This three-day meeting will focus on key issues related to the supply of quality medicines and diagnostics and will provide opportunities to manufacturers to interact with key stakeholders including: WHO Prequalification Team, UNFPA and UNICEF procurement teams, international organizations, NGOs and donors.

The third day of the meeting will be focusing on reproductive health, including market demand, quality assurance processes to become a supplier (WHO PQP and ERP processes), updates on procurement procedures etc.

The agenda will be finalised soon and published. For more information kindly send an email to

11 JULY 2013

An updated list of perqualified mail latex condom manufacturers and site was posted on July 11. For inquiries please contact

 18 JUNE 2013

An updated list of prequalified male latex condom manufacturers and sites was posted on June 18, 2013. For inquiries about the list please contact

25 APRIL 2013

New and revised publications released

Safe Disposal and Management of Unused, Unwanted Contraceptives

UNFPA has developed a guidance document on responsible management and safe disposal of unusable by-products of UNFPA procured commodities. The Safe Disposal and Management of Unused, Unwanted Contraceptives publication aims to provide recommendations on policies and procedures. The guideline should be useful for situations where commodities are: expired, counterfeit, have quality concerns, or are unused for various reasons.

Male Latex Condom Specifications Corrigendum

The WHO/UNFPA Male Latex Condom: Specifications, Prequalification and Guidelines for Procurement, 2010 has been updated and a corrigendum has been issued for the printed versions of the book. Please click here for the printable version of the corrigendum.

Update to Male Latex Condom Prequalification List

An updated list of prequalified male latex condom manufacturers and sites was posted on April 23, 2013. For inquiries on the list please contact

12 APRIL 2013

Third Invitation to RH Medicines Manufacturers to Submit an Expression of Interest for Product Evaluation

UNFPA is pleased to announce the 3rd Invitation to Manufacturers of Reproductive Health Medicines to Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for Product Evaluation by the WHO Expert Review Panel (ERP) for Reproductive Health Medicines .

For more information on supplier eligibility, products included in this invitation, submission requirements, etc., please access the posting on United Nations Global Marketplace at the following link,, and download the relevant materials.  

Update to Male Latex Condom Prequalification List

An updated list of prequalified male latex condom manufacturers and sites was posted on April 10, 2013. For inquiries on the list please contact

01 MARCH 2013

Census Procurement

Proper procurement and logistics planning is essential for successful implementation of a census. Yet planning can be complex and require logistical coordination with multiple project activities, programs and counterparts. UNFPA Procurement Services Branch, with years of extensive experience, is a leader in the procurement of census goods and services, and partners with governments to provide planning, procurement and logistical services that ensure a successful census operation.

Read more about PSB's census procurement initiative on our website or in our new brochure, available above in three languages (English, French, Spanish).