Evaluation Reports

The Evaluation Office at UNFPA conducts independent thematic and country programme evaluations within the framework of the current UNFPA current Strategic Plan (2008-2013).

Thematic Evaluations focus on relevant themes that are important to UNFPA and its mandate. Within this type of evaluation, the Evaluation Office also engages in evaluations conducted jointly with other United Nations organizations.

The purpose of the independent Country Programme Evaluations is: a) to assess the progress towards the expected results envisioned in the UNFPA programming documents; b) to provide an analysis of how UNFPA has positioned itself to add value in response to national needs and changes in the national development context; c) to present key findings, draw lessons learned, and provide a set of clear and forward-looking options leading to strategic and actionable recommendations for the next programming cycle. In line with the Evaluation Office Handbook on How to Design and Conduct a Country Programme Evaluation at UNFPA, CPEs can also be complemented by an analysis of the monitoring and evaluation system of the country programme.

Country Programme Evaluations consist of a two-level assessment of the contribution of UNFPA, namely: a) an analysis of the UNFPA programmatic areas; b) an analysis of UNFPA's positioning.