Supplier Eligibility



The “United Nations Supplier Code of Conduct” promulgated by the United Nations Procurement Division in May 2007 is fully endorsed by UNFPA. UNFPA expects that all suppliers who wish to do business with UNFPA will embrace this code of conduct given that it originates from the core values outlined in the United Nations Charter which binds all nations.


UN Supplier Code of Conduct - English

UNFPA shall communicate to suppliers during the registration phase, in the bidding documents and in the contract documents that all UNFPA suppliers shall adhere to the highest ethical standards, both during the bidding process and throughout the execution of a contract.




In order to ensure that UNFPA conducts business with suppliers who adhere to the highest ethical standars, reviews are undertaken for all potential suppliers prior to registration in the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) (see the UNGM Guidelines and other information from available on UNGM website). It is UNFPA policy to accept the suspended vendor list of other United Nations agencies or public international entities provided that the policy and practice of suspension of suppliers of these United Nations agencies or public international entities are consistent with UNFPA’ policy and practice. This shall be determined by the Chief, PSB. Before issuing contracts, UNFPA procurement staff check the following:


·         If the supplier been suspended by another UN organization. If it has been, the UNFPA location shall contact the Chief, Procurement Services Branch, for advice before proceeding further.


·         If the supplier listed on the United Nations “ 1267 list  ”? If it is, under no circumstances a UNFPA contract can be issued to the supplier (Note: UN Security Council resolution 1267 has established a sanctions regime   to cover individuals and entities associated with Al-Qaida and/or the Taliban. These are included on the United Nations “ 1267 list  ”).


UNFPA may conduct procurement activities with funds granted by the International Development Association or by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In such cases, a Memorandum of Understanding must be signed by UNFPA and the Recipient Country. The Memorandum of Understanding prohibits placing any purchase order to any supplier included in the World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms without obtaining in advance a written authorization from the funding entity.