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The Crisis in Syria

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Syria is experiencing the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world today. Since the beginning of conflict three years ago, more than 2.5 million people, mostly women and children, have been registered as refugees in neighbouring countries.

With more than 9 million people inside Syria who are in need of assistance, including 2.4 million women and girls of reproductive age, it is estimated that 200,000 pregnant women are in need of urgent care. UNFPA, through its implementing partners, continues to provide clean delivery kits and reproductive health services, including emergency obstetric care and psychosocial support within Syria.

In neighbouring countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, UNFPA has distributed dignity kits, trained medical personnel, and provided clinics and hospitals with equipment and reproductive health kits. The Fund continues to emphasize the specific needs of women and girls that must be factored into the humanitarian response in the region.

18 July 2014

Violence survivors seek support amid Syrian conflict

DAMASCUS, Syria – “All I know is that I need help,” said Amal, a 46-year-old mother of five as she was admitted to the Al-Halbouni clinic in Damascus, Syria, for a medical consultation after she was severely beaten by her husband. “I do not know if I have any rights or even access to support of any kind… I have suffered enough. I feel lost, vulnerable and hopeless.” more
26 June 2014

Supporting survivors of gender-based violence in war-ravaged Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria – As a new mother, Wardeh’s life should have been filled with hope and anticipation. But like many young women in war-ravaged Syria, her life has become a daily struggle. Wardeh, 24, is one of an estimated 54,000 Syrian women who have been put at greater risk of suffering from gender-based violence, including rape, as a result of the ongoing conflict in Syria. more
20 March 2014

Syria's Refugees Meet Mama Munira

ZA'ATARI REFUGEE CAMP, Jordan — Over the past three years, Syria's civil war has left more than 130,000 dead and forced millions to flee to neighbouring countries like Jordan. In the midst of this catastrophe, one extraordinary woman remains focused on her work: changing lives for the better. more
19 March 2014

An Estimated 200,000 Pregnant Women in Syria in Need of Urgent Care, Warns UNFPA

AMMAN, Jordan — As the conflict in Syria enters its fourth year, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is calling for urgent support to protect the lives of the country’s estimated 200,000 pregnant women, including an estimated 1,480 women who give birth in dire conditions every day. more
13 January 2014

UNFPA Calls for More Support to Address the Special Needs of Syrian Women and Girls

UNITED NATIONS, New York – As more than 2.3 million Syrian women and girls of reproductive age continue to bear the brunt of the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is seeking around $81 million to continue supporting these women and girls to stay healthy and safe and to care for their families. more
04 October 2013

A First Birthday Far Away from Home

CYBER CITY, Jordan — Giggling, playing and uttering his first words "mama" and "papa", Abdullah just turned one. Born as a Syrian refugee in Jordan last year, his parents had hoped to return to their homeland a few months after his birth, but they just spent Abdullah’s first birthday in the Cyber City Complex refugee camp. more
12 September 2013

Practice Makes Perfect for Future Syrian Midwife

HOMS, Syria — Samira had always dreamed of becoming a midwife. She attended basic training sessions and spent hours practicing delivering babies with a pillow. But one night amidst the fighting in Homs, Syria, the emergency delivery scenario became a reality when her sister-in-law went into labour. more
26 August 2013

UNFPA Alarmed over Impact of Growing Violence in Syria on Women and Girls

UNFPA is concerned about the impact of the recent escalation of violence in and around Damascus, particularly on women, youth and their families in areas under fire. The Fund is also alarmed over raging violence against civilians in other parts of the country, which has forced large numbers of women and girls to flee for safety into Iraq’s Kurdistan region. more
21 August 2013

UNFPA Patron, H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Visits Syrian Refugees in Jordan

ZA’ATARI, Jordan – H.R.H The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visited Za'atari refugee camp today, the second largest refugee camp in the world located in Jordan some 50 kilometres from the Syrian border. Known as the “endless” camp, it is home to more than 100,000 refugees who have fled the ongoing violence in Syria. more
17 August 2013

World Humanitarian Day Message

Earlier this year, I met Muneera Sha’aban in Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan. A 65-year-old midwife, Muneera retired years ago, but every day at 6 am, she embarks on the two-hour bus journey from Jordan’s capital, Amman, to the camp near the Syrian border. more