The NGO Advisory Panel

The NGO Advisory Panel

The NGO Advisory Panel provides a formal mechanism for dialogue between civil society representatives and UNFPA senior management. It serves as a strategic advisory body and sounding board on key issues.

The panel, which first met in July 2010, offers NGO perspectives on UNFPA advocacy strategies, including specific initiatives related to the ICPD agenda. It advises the Fund on new development trends and opportunities and challenges in the external environment. It also recommends possible areas for action.

The panel is comprised of 12 representatives from national, regional, and global NGOs and networks that work on issues related to the ICPD Programme of Action, together with representatives from UNFPA’s External Advisory Panel and Youth Advisory Panel. Its members represent a wide spectrum of groups and perspectives, from longstanding family planning service providers, to human rights groups, to relatively new NGOs focused on and staffed by young people. The Chair of the Panel for this year is Dr. Gill Greer and the Vice-Chair is Mr. Ishmael Selassie Fianu.

Panel Members

Suzana Cavenaghi, President, Alap (Latin American Population Association) (Brazil)

Ivica Cekovski, IInternational Coordinator In Charge, Y-PEER (Macedonia)

Hany El-Banna, President, Humanitarian Forum (Egypt)

Ishmael Selassie Fianu, Planned Parenthood Association (Ghana)

Nirvana Gonzalez Rosa, General Coordinator, Latin American And Caribbean Women's Health Network (Puerto Rico)

Gill Greer, Director General, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) (New Zealand)

Shiv Khare, Executive Director, Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (Thailand)

Carol Peasley, President, Centre For Development And Population Activities (USA)

Patricia Achieng Sawo, HIV Ambassador, Tearfund Ukpastor, Calvary Celebration Church (Kenya)

Stephanie Schlitt, Gender Expert, Amnesty International (UK)

Victoria Tauli-Corpus, Founder and Director, Tebtebba (Indigenous Peoples' International Center For Policy Research And Education) (Philippines)

Ex-Oficio Members

Elisabet Fadul, UNFPA Youth Advisory Panel (Dominican Republic)

Samuel A. Worthington, UNFPA External Advisory Panel (USA)


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