South Sudan Emergency

UNFPA assisting a mother and her baby after a safe delivery in a civilian protection camp in Juba. Photo credit: UNFPA

In December 2013, violence broke out in South Sudan’s capital, Juba, and spread rapidly across the country.

South Sudan already had one of the highest maternal death ratios in the world. Pregnant women, who are cut off from basic services and healthcare, are therefore particularly vulnerable in this conflict situation.

UNFPA and partners are providing life-saving reproductive health services to populations affected by the crisis, while also setting up mechanisms to prevent and address gender-based violence.






Latest News

03 November 2014

Fistula campaign in South Sudan seeks lasting solutions

WAU, South Sudan – In South Sudan, an estimated 60,000 women and girls are living with obstetric fistula, a devastating injury caused by prolonged obstructed labour without treatment. The condition can leave women incontinent, stigmatized and in deepening poverty. In July, a UNFPA-supported programme brought an international group of surgeons to Wau to bring relief to women suffering fistula, and sought to address the need for long-term solutions. more
30 July 2014

In South Sudan, opposition to family planning exacerbates reproductive health needs

WAU, South Sudan – The need for reproductive health care remains overwhelming in South Sudan. The country has one of the highest maternal death rates in the world, and health conditions are deteriorating under the current crisis. Access to basic reproductive health information and services, particularly voluntary family planning, would reduce the country’s staggering number of maternal deaths, but there is stiff resistance. more
07 July 2014

In South Sudan camp, midwifery training offers a crucial a lifeline

JUBA, South Sudan – It is the middle of the night in a crowded displacement camp in Juba, South Sudan, and 25-year-old Marsa Nyaluak is losing blood fast. She is in labour and has been bleeding for two hours. She needs help. As her anxious husband looks on, a community midwife is working furiously to keep Ms. Nyaluak and the baby alive. more
19 May 2014

In South Sudan, 200,000 pregnant women may need urgent care

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Amid escalating conflict, some 30,000 women in South Sudan are at risk of dying in childbirth, according to estimates by UNFPA, and 200,000 pregnant women will be in need of urgent care before the end of the year. more
07 May 2014

Caught in crisis, South Sudanese women learn to plan their families

JUBA, South Sudan – Teresa Aruoth never knew she could use family planning to help space the births of her children. Married in her teenage years, she counts herself lucky to have remained healthy in a country where one in seven mothers dies in childbirth. But the ongoing crisis in South Sudan has made the need to provide women with family planning services even more urgent. more