Report of the Africa Regional Fistula Meeting

Accra, Ghana, 29 June – 1 July 2004

Author: UNFPA
No. of pages: 31
Publication date: 2004
Available languages: English
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From 29 June to 1 July 2004, UNFPA hosted the second Africa Regional Meeting on Obstetric Fistula, in Accra, Ghana. The conference brought together over 90 participants from 26 countries, including UNFPA staff, government officials, non-governmental organizations, and some of the world's foremost experts in obstetric fistula. The conference took place against a backdrop of rapidly growing worldwide interest in the management of obstetric fistula and was held within the framework of the Campaign to End Fistula, launched by UNFPA in 2003 and which includes a number of partners at global and national levels.

The meeting constituted the largest ever gathering of countries and participants to discuss obstetric fistula. The broad participation provided an opportunity to gain consensus on issues critical to the foundation of the campaign. Of particular importance, the group endorsed the three strategic intervention points of: strengthening prevention, building capacity and improving access to treatment services, and promoting support services before, during and after treatment to ensure social reintegration of fistula survivors into their communities.