Lara Dutta

Catarina Furtado

“While I know that I am only one voice, and that no one individual can eradicate these problems alone, I believe that my efforts, and the efforts of my fellow Goodwill Ambassadors make a difference.”

Lara Dutta, who was Miss India 2000, became Miss Universe on 12 May 2000 in Cyprus. Now Lara is a popular Bollywood film star.

As a representative of the Miss Universe Organization, she took part in numerous AIDS-related events. For UNFPA, Ms. Dutta has helped raise global awareness of women’s lack of rights and access to reproductive health services.

On conditions in her home country, “I know first-hand how education and information give young men and women the power to make life-saving decisions. I have also seen how a lack of information and choices destroys lives. Since education is essential, the most important initiative of all is to educate our youth. These youth then become advocates, talking to their friends and peers, spreading messages ever further. It has been my experience that the youth are the most effective speakers and organizers, and can quickly mobilize their friends and communities.”

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