UNFPA Goodwill Ambassadors and Celebrity Spokespersons (FAQs)

What are the qualities needed to be a UNFPA Goodwill, Regional or Honorary Ambassador?

What are the duties of a UNFPA Goodwill, Regional or Honorary Ambassador?

How is a UNFPA Goodwill, Regional or Honorary Ambassador chosen?

What are the goals of UNFPA Goodwill, Regional or Honorary Ambassadors?

Are UNFPA campaigns aimed at ordinary people?

Many people around the world recognize the right of all women having access to reproductive health
care, family planning information and services, and reproductive rights. However, a large number of the same people are unaware of how many women do not enjoy these rights and do not have access to
these services; how many women die daily because of a lack of these services; and what mechanisms exist to help establish and guarantee reproductive rights and deliver reproductive health care and family planning services.

Awareness campaigns are designed to:

  1. Bring these facts to the attention of the public;
  2. Encourage people to participate in campaigns through direct participation or advocacy activities; and
  3. Create constituencies that grasp these issues and support their governments' international
    development commitments, especially in the area of reproductive health.