Goedele Liekens

Catarina Furtado

"In my television programs and articles I emphasize women's right to say 'yes' and 'no.' I help them stand up for their own sexuality and emotions. I hope to bring women and men together, living happily in equality and with respect."

Goedele Liekens is a well-known television personality in Belgium. Her television career began in 1986. Before then, Ms. Liekens was a successful practicing psychologist-sexologist. She has made the understanding and improvement of human sexuality and relationships the focus of her professional life. Goedele worked as a sex therapist for The Rutgers Foundation and wrote the best-selling book, "69 Questions about Sex." She has created a series of self-help therapy videotapes with Dutch sexologist Jelto Drenth and has written extensively for women's magazines.

Ms. Liekens, together with Face to Face International and Belgian Partner Sensoa (formerly CGSO Trefpunt), has produced several made-for-television documentaries for UNFPA. She has reported on AIDS and fistula in Africa and women in the refugee camps of Pakistan.

Based on several visits to Botswana, Ms. Liekens produced a special report for Belgian television on the HIV/AIDS crisis in Botswana.

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