UNFPA Executive Board Documents

Second Regular Session, 8 to 12 September, New York

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Tentative work plan
Compendium of decisions adopted at the second regular session 2008
Daily Briefs: 08 September | 09 September | 10 September | 11 September

Second Regular Session of the UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board-Statement by Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Directo, UNFPA

Item 1.  Organizational matters


Provisional agenda, annotationa, list of documents and tentative work plan

DP/2008/37 Report of the annual session 2008


Compendium of decisions adopted at the annual session 2008


Draft work plan for 2009

Item 7. Financial, budgetary and administrative matters


Review of financial regulations


Report of the ACABQ on the revision of financial regulations


Corrigendum to the review of financial regulations

Item 8. Country programmes and related matters
8 (a). Final country programme documents for approval by the Executive Board at its second regular session 2008, in accordance with decision 2006/36

DP/FPA/CPD/BEN/7 Final country programme for Benin
DP/FPA/CPD/COG/4 Final country programme for Republic of the Congo
DP/FPA/CPD/NER/7 Final country programme for Niger
DP/FPA/CPD/NGA/6 Final country programme for Nigeria

Item 8 (b). Draft country programme documents for review by the Executive Board

UNDAF results matrices that are available may be accessed at:

Programme results and performance data (decision 2006/9)

Strategic Plan 2008-2011: Updated indicators, baselines and targets



Draft country programme document for Angola



Draft country programme document for Cote d'Ivoire



Draft country programme document for Kenya



Draft country programme document for Mauritania

Arab States & Europe
DP/FPA/2008/12 Extension of the country programme document for Lebanon
Asia & the Pacific


Draft country programme document for Timor-Leste

Latin America & the Caribbean


Draft country programme document for Haiti



Draft country programme document for Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Joint UNDP/UNFPA segment
Item 9. Follow-up to UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board Meeting

Report on the implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the Programme Coordinating Board of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

Item 10.  Internal Audit and Oversight


Report on the UNFPA oversight policy