UNFPA Executive Board Documents

First regular session 2010 (New York)

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Draft Report of the first regular session 2010 (19 to 22 January 2010, New York)
Tentative workplan for the annual session 2010 (21 June - 2 July 2010, Geneva)
Compendium of decisions adopted at the first regular session 2010
Daily briefs: 19 January 2010 | 20 January 2010 | 21 January 2010 | 22 January 2010

Statement by the Executive Director to the Executive Board (as delivered)

Joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA, UNICEF and WFP (15 and 18 January 2010)

Provisional Agenda

Agenda Item 1 'Delivering as One':
Strengthening country - level response to gender-based violence
Agenda Item 2 Climate change
Agenda Item 3 Recovering from economic and financial crisis: Food security and safety nets
Agenda Item 4 Stocktaking on the Millennium Development Goals

Item 1.  Organizational matters


Provisional agenda, annotations, list of documents and tentative workplan

DP/2010/1 Report of the second regular session 2009


Decisions adopted by the Executive Board in 2009

DP/2010/CRP.1 Annual workplan for 2010
Item 11. Financial, budgetary and administrative matters


Corrigendum of the results matrix, biennial support budget, 2010-2011
DP/FPA/2010/16 Review of the implementation of the UNFPA policy on indirect cost recovery
Item 12. Country programmes and related matters

Final country programme documents for approval by the Executive Board at its first regular session 2010, in accordance with decision 2006/36

DP/FPA/CPD/UGA/7 Final country programme document for Uganda
Latin America and the Caribbean
DP/FPA/CPD/GTM/6 Final country programme document for Guatemala
Joint segment
Item 9. Report to the Economic and Social Council
E/2010/5 Report of the Administrator of UNDP and the Executive Director of UNFPA to the Economic and Social Council
Item 10. Recommendations of the United Nations Board of Auditors
DP/FPA/2010/15 Follow-up to the report of the United Nations Board of Auditors for 2006-2007: status of implementation of recommendations
Annex Status of implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors for 2006-2007
Item 2 and 11. Financial, budgetary and administrative matters
  Joint information note of UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF
Road map to an integrated budget
Item 13. Other matters: Global Jobs Pact
DP/2010/12 Employment programming in response to the global financial and economic crisis