The PSA E-Learning Course is Now Available

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The e-learning course on the PSA has been developed to build capacity in the elaboration and application of the PSA and its methodologies. In this course, we will guide you step by step through the different parts of the PSA.

You will learn will how to create national ownership for the application of the guide and highlight the importance of human rights and gender issues in the development of a PSA. We will present ingredients of a stakeholder analysis, review different types of indicators from various data sources and look at how to create an advocacy plan.

We will clarify the rationale of the PSA exercise as well as the guiding principles of this analysis, i.e. postulating the main challenges faced and priorities set forth by a country through an assessment demonstrating the importance of population dynamics, their relationship with social, economic, political and cultural processes and their short and medium-term repercussions, thus serving as a bench-mark for the country.

After that, we will review the analytical components and methodologies of the guide with all corresponding indicators to perform a comprehensive analysis of population dynamics and sexual and reproductive health in the context of economic and social processes.

We hope to bring the PSA as close to you as possible by taking you through its content in this didactic platform.