2.2 Comprehensive Overview of the Situation of the Country and its Progress in Complying with International Agreements and Goals


This chapter includes a comprehensive analysis of the country’s situation, both with regard to the main aggregate characteristics of its demographic trends and the progress of the country’s economy, their social, political and institutional dimensions, as well as all issues pertaining to the analysis of social expenditure, in an effort to assess the effectiveness of investments carried out in social policy areas, especially in education and health. In addition, this process reveals where the country stands in terms of its compliance with its international commitments, with emphasis on the MDGs. The
intention is to give the reader a broad view of national realities with regard to population, progress made and possibilities or constraints imposed by the economic, social and political context. In other words, this should be a concise chapter.

In order to analyze the economic, socio-cultural and political and institutional context of a country the inherited and evolving mix of political, economic, social and cultural variables that impact the policy agendas and social change need to be investigated.


  1. The Economic Context
  2. The Socio-cultural Context
  3. The Political and Institutional Context
  4. Social Expenditures, with an Emphasis on Education and Health
  5. Progress in Complying with International Agreements and Goals ICPD/MDGs and other International Summits and Conferences Development