Additional reports are available on specific core commodities:


Annual Report on Core Commodities - 2012



The Procurement Services Branch (PSB) performs an annual review of procurement conducted by UNFPA.

The statistics compiled include the goods and services UNFPA purchases, the suppliers and their respective countries, and where the goods and services are distributed (in particular, information regarding contraceptives).

Note on UNFPA Procurement Statistics:
The data contained in this report is for general information purposes only. The report represents procurement information and trends for each calendar year and it is based on purchase orders raised in UNFPAs ERP system in each calendar year from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. It is not based on reported financial expenditure for the period - as a result there may be differences between this report and the audited financial reports of UNFPA for the same period. There may also be timing differences associated with the data in this report and when the procurement action was finalized. The report excludes procurement associated with personnel and travel.