Mission Statement

Evaluation at UNFPA serves three main purposes that support the organization’s drive to achieve results: (i)  evaluation is a means to demonstrate accountability to stakeholders on performance in achieving development results, and on invested resources; (ii) evaluation supports evidence-based decision-making. Utilization-focused evaluations provide credible information to support decision-making by management, where such information guides planning, budgeting, implementation and reporting, as well as improvements in policies and programmes; (iii) evaluation contributes important lessons learned to the existing knowledge base on how to accelerate implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, in particular, on how best to advance sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, and on how UNFPA can best support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals .


  •  The Joint Evaluation of Joint Gender Programmes in the UN System has been finalized, please read the report here.
  • The Transitional biennial budgeted evaluation plan, 2014-2015 was approved by the Executive Board on 31 January 2014.
  • The Evaluation Office conducted a training workshop on the revised "Handbook on how to design and conduct a country programme evaluation at UNFPA", in Panama City, Panama from 18-20 March 2014. To access the modules of that training, please click here .  


Ms. Andrea Cook, Director

Mr.  Louis Charpentier   --   Ms. Alexandra Chambel   --   Mr. Hicham Daoudi, Evaluation Advisers

Ms. Valeria Carou-Jones, Evaluation Specialist

Ms. Olivia Roberts, Evaluation Analyst

Ms. Magalye Mars-Mompoint, Evaluation Assistant

You can contact the Evaluation Office at evb@unfpa.org