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11 July 2012 Interview with Kate Gilmore, UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNFPA Deputy Executive Director (Programme)
10 July 2012 “Sex happens – let’s make it safe” - Reception in the European Parliament
28 June 2012 UNFPA Briefing on the ICPD Beyond 2014 Review Process
06 February 2012 UNFPA/UNICEF Report: 2000 African Communities Abandoned FGM/C Last Year
07 November 2011 UNFPA Patron H.R.H. The Crown Princess of Denmark Participates in the Launch of State of World Population
03 November 2011 UNFPA Executive Director Makes Official Visits to Europe
01 November 2011 UNFPA Launches New Web Tool for RH Supplies
10 October 2011 7 Billion Photo Exhibition in Four Nordic Capitals
22 September 2011 EU President Speaks of a World at 7 Billion during UN General Assembly
21 September 2011 UNFPA Speaks on Female Migration at European Girls’ Week