UNFPA and One UN initiative

UNFPA and Delivering as One in Viet Nam

UNFPA is actively involved in the ‘Delivering as One’ UN reform initiative. Launched in Viet Nam in 2007, the initiative aims to achieve more effective and efficient UN business practices and more coherent and better development results, for the benefit of the people of Viet Nam.  

Six ‘Ones’ constitute the key pillars of the Delivering as One (DaO) initiative in Viet Nam. The One Plan represents the common programmatic framework for all UN agencies in Viet Nam; One Set of Management Practices harmonise and simplify business practices; a One Budget and the One Plan Fund allow donors to provide un-earmarked or soft-earmarked support; the Green One UN House will by 2014 house UN agencies in one building; the One Leader represents UN agencies on behalf of the UN in Viet Nam; and the UN is increasingly speaking with One Voice, articulating a common voice and clear UN position on critical issues.

One Plan 2012-2016
The One Plan is the single programmatic framework for UN agencies in Viet Nam. The One Plan for 2012-2016  was signed in March 2012 and sets out a strategic and results-oriented joint programme of work for the next five years, in support of national development priorities.

The One Plan for 2012-2016 outlines three broad focus areas. These include supporting the Government to achieve inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth; access to quality essential services and social protection; and enhanced governance and participation. Within the One Plan, UNFPA continues to focus on tackling emerging reproductive health and population issues, guided by its principles of gender sensitivity and an approach based on human rights.

With Viet Nam a middle-income country that is experiencing rapid socio-economic development, the Government’s demands for services and support from the UN has changed. The One Plan clearly responds to this change by focusing on providing high-quality policy work, with special attention to vulnerable and marginalized groups. It also places greater emphasis on technical assistance, capacity development and the UN’s role in convening different stakeholders and expanding partnerships.

One Budget and One Plan Fund
As part of the One Plan, a single budget gives a clear sense of the total resources required to implement the plan. The One Plan Fund provides a streamlined way for donors to provide un-earmarked or soft-earmarked support to the UN’s work and the One Plan. The One Plan Fund is a strategic and important element of the reform process, and it reduces the problem of UN agencies competing for the same donor funds.

The total budget for the One Plan 2012-2016 is USD 480 million, of which 30 percent is expected to come from the One Plan Fund and the rest from UN agencies’ core funding and other resources.

The Green One UN House
From the start of the reform process, the Green One UN House  has been an essential element of the DaO vision. The Green One UN House will locate UN staff in Viet Nam in one building and will enable the UN to deliver development results in a more coherent, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. A civil works contract for construction of the House was signed in December 2012 and the construction work is now on-going. It is expected that the House will be ready by the first quarter of 2014. In addition to funding from the Government and UN agencies, a substantial part of the construction cost is being funded by donors.

Several efficiency measures are planned for in the House, such as common services, pooled teams and an integrated ICT system. The Green One UN House will also reduce the overall environmental footprint of the UN in Viet Nam and several green building features will help to reduce water and electricity consumption. Another unique feature of the House is the piloting of a functional clustering seating arrangement, whereby staff will be seated according to the thematic issues they cover.

To find out more about the Delivering as One initiative in Viet Nam, visit the UN Viet Nam website: www.un.org.vn.