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15 August 2014 - Press Release

Conference on Policy Direction of Population and Development in Viet Nam

HA NOI, 15 August 2014 – Viet Nam has achieved middle-income country status in 2010 and has continued to sustain impressive growth rates, as a result, is on track to achieve most of the MDG targets by 2015. However, wide disparities between urban and rural areas, among geographical areas, and population groups still exist. Data from the 2009 census and other population based surveys show that Viet Nam has made impressive progress in achieving its population goals. The average Vietnamese woman now gets just two children in her lifetime. That means that Viet Nam has reached replacement level fertility, many years earlier than the Politburo's target set in the Resolution 47-NQ/TW on "Strengthening the implementation of the population and family planning policies" issued on 22 March 2005. Reductions in maternal and child mortality have been also impressive. However, progress made at the national level also masks disparities at the sub-national level. Inequalities and disparities have been increasing and are accompanied by new forms of poverty and vulnerability that will require greater attention in the coming years. more

10 July 2014 - Press Release

World Population Day 2014 - Investing in our youth is an investment in our future

HA NOI, 10 July 2014 – On 11 July, as communities everywhere observe World Population Day, UNFPA calls for investments in support of the largest-ever generation of young people. more
06 May 2014 - Press Release

Maternal deaths continue to fall, new data show

UNITED NATIONS, New York – New data from the United Nations reveal that maternal deaths have declined by 45 per cent since 1990. Some 523,000 deaths occurred from complications in pregnancy or childbirth in 1990; in 2013, that number was 289,000. more
28 March 2014 - Press Release

Improving quality of condoms in the free market in Viet Nam holds key to ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health

Hai Phong, 28 March 2014 – Since Viet Nam attained the middle income country status in 2010, the supply of male condom to the country has been dramatically changed. It is estimated that international aid and government resources for condoms accounted only 15 per cent, while 85 per cent of condom need is covered by the free market through uncontrolled importing distribution channel. This issue was discussed at the National Meeting of the Condom Coordination Committee and Technical Working Group held today in Do Son, Hai Phong, by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the United Nation Population Fund in Viet Nam (UNFPA). more
07 March 2014 - Press Release

International Women’s Day 2014 – Equality for women and girls is progress for all

Ha Noi, 7 March 2014 - The importance of gender equality in achieving progress for all was stressed today at a key policy dialogue held by the United Nations and Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) to mark International Women's Day. The event bought together over 200 participants, including policy makers, representatives from MOLISA and other ministries, the Viet Nam Women's Union, the UN in Viet Nam, bilateral and multilateral donors, as well as NGOs and the media. more
26 November 2013 - Press Release

End the silence and impunity surrounding violence against women

Hai Duong, 26 November 2013 - A bold new exhibition marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in Viet Nam opens in Hai Duong today, shining new light on the courage of women survivors of domestic violence. more
22 November 2013 - Press Release

Real men say "NO" to violence against women and girls

HA NOI, 22 November 2013 – Violence against women and girls constitutes one of the gravest violations of women's and girls' human rights. It also undermines family stability and solidarity. Addressing and ending violence against women and girls has received special attention across the world. The National Study on Domestic Violence against Women, released by the General Statistics Office and the United Nations in Viet Nam in 2010, showed that 58 per cent of ever-married women had experienced at least one form of violence (physically, mentally or sexually) at some point in their lives. Approximately 50 per cent of victims did not tell anyone about the violence they endured and 87 per cent did not seek help from public services. more
25 September 2013 - Press Release

Looking at both challenges and opportunities is the best recipe for success as the population in Viet Nam rapidly grows older

Ha Noi, 25 September 2013 – The world is growing old fast. In the next 10 years, the number of people over 60 years of age will surpass one billion. Population ageing presents societies with great opportunities but also huge challenges. To address the challenges and maximize the opportunities, more joint efforts are needed to ensure inclusion of ageing and the needs of older persons in all national development policies and programmes, emphasized the leaders of  the Ministry of Health and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Viet Nam at the national workshop organised today in Ha Noi to share international experiences on policy and action responses to population ageing. more
10 July 2013 - Press Release

More than a third of Vietnamese young people still lack access to contraceptives - Improving access to sex education and services holds key to preventing teenage pregnancy

HA NOI, 10 July 2013 – With 16 million girls aged 15-19 giving birth each year worldwide, complications from pregnancy and child birth continue to be the leading cause of death among adolescent girls in low and middle-income countries. more

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Latest publications

  • Income security for older persons in Viet Nam: Social Pensions
    Viet Nam's record on economic growth and poverty reduction over the last two decades has been remarkable. However, between 2010 and 2012, income increased for most age groups except for those between 65 and 80 years. This policy brief, a new publication between the UNFPA and ILO in Viet Nam, provides data on social pensions for older persons Viet Nam in recent years. It also provides recommendations to the Government of Viet Nam to improve the outcomes of social protection policies for old age.

  • Ethnic groups in Viet Nam
    The booklet analyses various indicators including age profiles, sex and marriage patterns; total fertility and mortality rates; levels of educational attainment and technical training, each by ethnicity withdrawing from publications generated from the 2009 Viet Nam Population and Housing Census, including the Completed Results, Major Findings1 and a series of the 2009 census monographs. Other indicators have been aggregated and calculated from the original data.

  • Youth Law and the Vietnamese Youth Development Strategy 2011-2020
    The Youth Law was promulgated by the National Assembly in 2005 and taken effect from 1st July 2006. This booklet was published by the Ministry of Home Affairs in coordination with other line agencies and UNFPA to introduce the Youth Law and the Vietnamese Youth Development Strategy 2011-2020.