Son Preference in Viet Nam: Ancient desires, advancing technologies

Qualitative research report to better understand the rapidly rising sex ratio at birth in Viet Nam

Author: UNFPA
No. of pages: 60
Publication date: 2011

Sex ratio imbalance at birth has affected several countries in the Asia and Pacific Region, including China, South Korea and India. Also Viet Nam has recently experienced an unusually rapid rise in the sex ratio at birth (SRB). The overall objective of this research is to provide evidence for policy dialogue, to develop new and refine the existing interventions and policy developments on son preference and sex ratio at birth.

UNFPA would like to introduce this valuable document to policy makers, managers, professional, researchers and others who are concerned about population and gender issues in Viet Nam. Evidence presented in this paper comes at a critical time, as Viet Nam is now preparing a number of important policy and legal documents as well as intervention programmes on this important gender issue which will have implications for many years to come.